What It's All About


Cora Gray is a transgender woman with an unquiet heart and a head full of stray thoughts. This is her place to share her musings and observations as she transitions from male to female.  

Topics Covered

This blog may jump around a bit as Cora charts this new and grand adventure. She likes to wander. 

But expect it to regularly include topics relating to transgender women, transitioning, self-discovery, recovering from depression, women's clothes & fashion, discussions (and discovery) of feminist issues, science fiction, comic books, movies, writing, and falling in love with oneself and the world at large. 

Call to Adventure

Every good story begins with a call to adventure - a moment when the hero(ine) is roused from her mundane world and invited into the greater world of the story. 

For this particular adventure (transitioning), our hero(ine) first heard the call when she was a little boy (girl). But, like so many adventurers, she resisted the call at first - for her whole life up to now, actually. Mostly because she was afraid, to be honest. Some journeys just seem too daunting or dangerous to ever start if you think about them. But she always yearned for the horizon, and a part of her always wanted to explore this uncharted territory.

Some journeys just can't be put off forever, no matter how scared you are. Some desires just can't be ignored, no matter how much you suppress them. And some stories just want to be told, no matter how much you try to quiet your heart.

Share Your Thoughts!

Drop us a line!

One of the most valuable things that you can do is make your voice heard, and Cora's glad that you decided to share. 

Cora reads and considers every response personally, and she values your input. (She also thinks it's weird to talk about herself in the third person, so she'd much rather hear you talk about yourself - in any tense.) 

Your thoughts and opinions can help to shape the structure and format of this site and help determine which topics to cover in future blog posts. So, please comment. 

Live With An Unquiet Heart.